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He said this will cost UF about half of what it pays now. In order to run our own equip equipment, ment, equipment, we have to buy fuel, pay people and take care of main maintenance tenance maintenance costs to run those big, old boilers, he said. Itll cost about half as much to buy steam. Artists styles change as time goes by, professor says By Jeannie Sh roads Contributing Writer Artistic creativity changes with the pas passage sage passage of time, said a professor of creativity and aging at a lecture Tuesday night in Turlington Hall.

Amir Cohen-Shalev, a University of Haifa professor, has studied years of creative changes in the works of famous Western artists like Michelangelo and Monet. It will be downed and operated by Florida Power. Currently, UF gets its power from boilers at the heat plant next to the cogeneration sight. Steam, the byproduct produced by the boilers, is used for de-humidifica de-humidification tion de-humidification of buildings and is used to drive absorption chillers that pro provide vide provide chilled water, air conditioning and domestic hot water. The new cogeneration plant will produce energy and steam via a natural gas-powered combustion turbine.

But Cohen-Shalev said his sample is biased and uncontrolled because in his field the psychology of art there are many variables and life changes, such as marriage and divorce, with which scholars must deal. It burns nice and clean, he said.

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There are two backup mechanisms in case of a plant failure. The plant normally is run by natural gas, but if there is a shortage, it can be run by fuel oil. Also, the old equipment from the heat plant can be started up to provide temporary power. The plant also will provide the university some educational oppor opportunities. A classroom and laboratory will be located inside the plant for students, staff and faculty to monitor real time data from the plant. The water needed to run the plant will be provided by the was wastewater tewater wastewater treatment plant on cam campus.

No Cover Til 1 6oz Drafts He said he studied works the artists painted early in their careers and then com compared pared compared those to similar works done later in the painters lives.

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The more recent paintings were less defined, more haphazard than earlier art works and concentrated more on expression and feeling, he said. Older artists tended to mistrust reason, isolate themselves and practice pessimism all factors contributing to their changes in style. Critics and the public often could not Some parking was lost by build building ing building the plant, but Florida Power has agreed to replace it, Jones said. Dingle, Florida Power project manager. Florida Power is leasing the land for the plant from the Department of Natural Resources, which owns all state land, including the UP' campus, said Dingle.

Robert Cremer, Physical Plant director, said he will take some of the credit for getting a cogenera cogeneration tion cogeneration plant built on campus. The idea of a plant on campus has been around for quite a few years, Cremer said. But actually getting it built took a while. The technology is old, Cremer said.

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Cremer said refinements made to the technology make the cogeneration plant economically feasible for the university. We have a small risk, he said. There were many large com companies panies companies interested in building a plant on UFs campus, but three power companies Gainesville Regional Utilities, Florida Power Corp. We held a beauty contest, and Florida Power Corp. The beauty contest was analyzed by an engineering firm to determine if the plan was economi economically cally economically and legally feasible.

It will save the world lots of energy, Cremer said. There is a potential of old age that is not much recognized, he said.

Robin West, associate director of the Cen Center ter Center for Gerontological Studies, said after the lecture that many people at UF are inter interested ested interested in literature and art related to aging. Its great to bring somebody here whos a specialist in humanities and aging. The siatue of the 15th century explorer has been rejected by Miami Beach and considered begrudgingly by Fort Lauderdale. As you look out and all you see is more of the same kind of days ahead of you, you have to steel yourself, said Ann Bancroft, leader of the first all-woman team to reach the South Pole on foot.

In another Antarctic expedition, two British men hoping to be the first to cross the frozen continent on foot are suffering from frostbite and are near starvation. But they have only 50 miles to go and plan to press on, their spokesman, David Harrison, Wednesday in London. Find a new roommate in Alligator Classifieds! Well do anything to get it.