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Radclyffe, a retired surgeon and full time author-publisher, has published over thirty-five novels as well as dozens of short stories, has edited numerous anthologies, and, writing as L. Raand, has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters.

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Honor Under Siege

Ask it above. Honor Series Book 5 More. The hunt for those who betrayed the nation is a very personal quest for Secret Service agent Cameron Roberts because the traitors targeted her lover. Her search takes her deep into the shadow worlds of counter-intelligence where even a friend might be a foe. Not just honor, but their future together, is on the line as Blair and Cam join forces with their loyal friends to strike back at the terrorists.

Honor Series Book 5. All Cameron Roberts and Blair Powell want is a small intimate wedding, but the paparazzi and a domestic terrorist have other plans. First Daughter Blair Powell and her lover Cameron Roberts, newly appointed deputy director of the Homeland Security Office, escape to a ski chalet in the Rockies after a harrowing attack by members of a domestic terrorism organization.

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Under orders from the White House, Blair reluctantly allows a member of the "enemy camp," investigative reporter Dana Barnett, to join her inner circle in the hopes of limiting her media exposure. Dana isn't any happier about being pulled from her coverage of the escalating conflict in the Middle East to write a society "fluff piece," although the presence of beautiful Dr. Emory Constantine does make the assignment a little more enticing. With the nation under attack, the world on the verge of war, and their personal lives the focus of intense public scrutiny, Cam and Blair come under fire both publicly and privately when an old nemesis resurfaces intent on finishing his holy mission: to kill Blair Powell.

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Seventh book in the Honor series. Her charge is simple: protect and preserve the well-being of the most powerful man in the world—the president of the United States. As the First Physician, Wes must travel by President Andrew Powell's side, in the hot zone, with everything she needs to save his life if he is injured or falls ill.

Her job gets even harder when she has to prove she is up to the task to Secret Service Agent Evyn Daniels, a member of the elite Presidential Protection Detail, and a woman who challenges Wes on more than just the professional front. Peter Chang. The stakes get even higher for all involved when Homeland Security Deputy Director Cameron Roberts is brought in to investigate a possible security breach, and everyone, including Evyn, is a suspect.

A First Responders Novel. The face of terror is hard to recognize—especially when it's homegrown.

Blair Powell is set to join her father on the campaign trail even though a domestic terrorist group has already launched one attack on President Andrew Powell's life. The orchestrators of the assassination attempt are still at large, and Andrew's opponent is a popular ultra-conservative with questionable ties to the radical right.

Blair's wife, DHS Deputy Director Cameron Roberts, has been charged with the task of tracking down those responsible for the attack, while secretly searching for proof that a powerful senator is involved in treason. Cam's biggest challenge is running the terrorists to ground without getting McElroy and her renegade handler, Skylar Dunbar, killed in the cross fire. Honor and duty are not always black and white—and when self-styled patriots take up arms against the government, the price of honor may be a life.


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Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and even more that sets them apart in an invisible battle raging on home soil. Blair's father is the president of the United States, while Jane's is a domestic terrorist bent on bringing about a new world order at the expense of the present one. When Blair takes to the campaign trail to support her father's re-election, Cameron Roberts and the newest members of Blair's security detail must protect the president and his daughter from foes bent on revenge. Jane and her secret ally within the president's inner circle vow to destroy them all, at any cost.

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The last thing she needs is a tragedy among the president's inner circle that might not be an accident, or the sudden recruitment of Ari Rostof, a woman who might be a lot more than she seems. But Oakes doesn't get a say in policy. While the president may be protected by his Secret Service agents, those close to him are literally in the kill zone, and his adversaries will stop at nothing to further their cause—even mass murder. Honor Series. Sort by Collection Order Latest.

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